The HVAC system is a vital part of your home. It keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, if you are not careful to maintain your system, it can break down on you at any time. Many things need to be done periodically for maintenance purposes - from cleaning the filters to cleaning air conditioner coils and repairing heating or cooling systems as needed. This web page provides information about how often these tasks should be completed depending on which type of HVAC system you have installed in your home so that you can keep yours running smoothly year-round!

What is a maintenance plan, and do I need one?

A maintenance plan is a set of tasks that should be completed periodically for the best performance and longest life possible from your HVAC system. The frequency at which you need to complete these tasks will depend on what type of HVAC system you have installed in your home, so it's essential to know exactly what kind of upkeep needs yours has before scheduling any work!

If I don't get my air conditioner serviced every year, how long can it take for me to notice its effects?

The most common symptom would be an increase in energy usage as opposed to a decrease. Failing electrical components, such as a capacitor, can cause the system to consume more energy or cause catastrophic failure of major system components. This typically leads to having to replace these very pricey components early.

An unserviced unit gets clogged with dirt and debris, which leads to longer equipment run time. This ultimately leads to increased utility bills and decreased equipment life, which costs much more than the price of the maintenance agreement.

What are the services included in the Shoemaker Heating & Cooling maintenance plan?

Depending on your system and needs, the maintenance plan may include the following

  • Clean/replace Air Filters
  • Clean outdoor condensor and indoor evaporator coils
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Clean/adjust blower components and monitor airflow
  • Check and tighten all major electrical components and connections
  • Monitor refrigerant temperatures and pressures
  • Clean heat exchanger elements
  • Clean and adjust ignition/burner assemblies
  • Perform a thorough combustion analysis to ensure that the unit is operating efficiently and safely.

What are the benefits of having a maintenance plan for my Heating & Cooling equipment?

  • Priority status
  • No Service Call Fees
  • 25% off repairs
  • No Holiday/ Emergency Fees
  • Lower utility bills
  • Fewer repairs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved comfort and safety
  • All parts and equipment carry a 5-year parts and labor warranty

What is covered under the Shoemaker Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plan?

Programs & Coverage Times per year Monthly cost per system
Gas heating system only 1x $25
A/C system only 1x $25
A/C and gas heater 2x $35
High efficiency gas condensing boiler 1x $35
Heat pump or geo with electric backup 2x $30
Heat pump or geo with gas backup 2x $40
Heat pump or geo with oil backup 2x $60
Mini split heat pump (one head) 2x $25
A/C with oil burner 2x $50
Oil burner furnace / Boiler 1x $40
Tankless water heater flush ADD ON 1x $20
Bypass Humidifier ADD ON 1x $5
Steam Humidifier ADD ON 1x $15
Media filter (MERV13) ADD ON 1x $5
Electronic air cleaner ADD ON 1x $10
UV light bulb replacement ADD ON 1x $15
LED UV light bulb replacement ADD ON 1x $10

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